Eyelid lift in Bern

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Dr. med. David Kiermeir

Specialist for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (FMH)

 more than 15 years of surgical experience

 since 12 years exclusively active in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery

 over 6,000 performed surgeries

Facts on eyelid lifting

Treatment duration:1 - 2 hours
Anaesthesia:local anaesthetic / twilight sleep / general anaesthetic
Hospital stay:outpatient
Removal of sutures:after approx. 1 week
Sports:after 1 - 3 weeks
Costs:CHF 3.500 - 6.500

Our eyes shape our aura more than any other part of our bodies. They reflect our state of mind and express our emotions – be it happiness or sadness, vibrancy or fatigue. However, as we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity, leading to drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes. These changes make a person’s eyes appear tired, and afford their face as a whole a worn-out, sombre expression.

Eyelid lifting (also known as blepharoplasty) can effectively treat such changes to a person’s eyelids. The procedure surgically corrects the slackened skin, opening up the eyes’ appearance. The patient’s gaze once again looks alert, focused and lively. Procedures to lift the upper and/or lower eyelids are usually carried out under local anaesthetic and take around one hour.

Before the lid lift

We plan eyelid correction procedures individually for each and every patient. In a one-to-one consultation meeting in Bern, Dr Kiermeir firstly identifies where action is required before explaining the treatment options open to the patient. He then agrees with the patient on how the procedure will be carried out and the form of anaesthesia to be used.

If you suffer from any known allergies or intolerances, it’s important that you tell Dr Kiermeir about them before the lid lifting procedure. The same also applies for any medication you take on a regular basis, as doing so allows Dr Kiermeir to ensure that the surgery and healing phase passes free from any complications. For the most part, it also allows us to exclude the risk of intolerance reactions against specific anaesthetic agents or bandaging materials.

The eyelid lifting procedure

We usually perform eyelid lifts as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic in Bern. However, in individual cases it may be sensible to carry the treatment out under general anaesthetic. In combined procedures to correct both upper and lower eyelids, Dr Kiermeir usually starts with the lower eyelid lift before moving on to the upper eyelid to complete the procedure.

Before starting the operation itself, Dr Kiermeir marks where the incisions are to be made. Their locations are tailored to the unique contours of the patient’s eyes in order to ensure a natural-looking result every time. Dr Kiermeir then begins to make the necessary incisions in the upper and lower eyelids. The eyelids’ skin is separated from the underlying tissue, and any excess skin is removed. In lifting the lower eyelid, Dr Kiermeir also removes any protruding fat tissue in the pouches below the patient’s eyes. In some cases, it can also be sensible to tighten the muscles around the eyes in order to accentuate the results of the treatment.

Dr Kiermeir plans the incisions in such a way that, if at all possible, no scarring will be visible after the eyelid lift. Incisions to correct the upper eyelid are made along the fold above the eye, while lower eyelid incisions are made directly below the lash line. After carrying out the eyelid correction, Dr Kiermeir closes the incisions using fine sutures. These sutures may be applied under the surface of the skin in places to further reduce the formation of scars.

After the eyelid lift

Following the operation, patients can usually leave our clinic in Bern the same day. The treated areas also need to be cooled on a regular basis in the days following the procedure. You should also avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight or undertaking strenuous physical activities to begin with. Dr Kiermeir will give you further tips on how to aid the healing process.

The sutures are removed about a week after the eyelid lifting procedure. While you may experience pain or a slight feeling of tightness after the lid lift, such complaints usually recede within about 8 to 10 days. You will be presentable as usual after around 10–14 days.

Frequently asked questions on eyelid lifting

Are there risks in eyelid lifting?

As with all surgical procedures, eyelid lifts do entail certain risks when carried out under general anaesthetic. In addition to general operative risks, in isolated cases the procedure can result in vascular injuries or secondary haemorrhaging. In general, though, eyelid lifting is a low-risk procedure when performed by a qualified, specialist practitioner like Dr Kiermeir in Bern. What’s more, diligent aftercare on the patient’s part can further reduce the potential risks associated with lid lifting.

What are the potential side effects of lid lifting?

You may experience some mild post-operative complaints immediately after the surgery. These include, for instance, bruising, swelling or a slight feeling of tightness in the eyelid area. Some patients also experience blurred vision for a short period. Such symptoms normally dissipate of their own accord within around 8 to 10 days.

Does eyelid lifting leave behind scars?

Eyelid corrections usually only create very slight scars that are barely visible to the naked eye when fully healed. In making the incisions, Dr Kiermeir follows the natural contours of the patient’s eyes. He makes the incisions at the most inconspicuous locations possible and then sutures under the surface of the skin in places. These intradermal sutures help to reduce scarring further still.

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