Wrinkle treatment for lips in Bern

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Facts on lip wrinkle treatment

Treatment duration:2 - 3 sessions, 15 minutes each
Anaesthesia:local anaesthetic
Hospital stay:not necessary
Removal of sutures:not necessary
Sports:after a few weeks
Costs:from CHF 600

Wrinkles form around the mouth as part of the natural ageing process and can often be amplified by a range of factors. Some people’s genetic make-up causes wrinkles to form; for others, environmental factors like smoking and sunlight accelerate wrinkle formation. Our expressions also amplify wrinkles around the lips and mouth as the muscles are always in motion.

Yet no matter what the cause, wrinkles around their mouths are often very troubling for those affected. Wrinkles in this area make a person’s face appear older and more severe. However, there are a variety of effective methods to treat upper and lower lip wrinkles. First and foremost, a suitable treatment would be hyaluronic acid injections, potentially in combination with treatment to contour the edge of the lips. Slight mouth wrinkles can often also be treated effectively using autohaemotherapy.

The lip wrinkle treatment procedure

Before performing the wrinkle treatment, Dr Kiermeir holds a consultation meeting with the patient in Bern to discuss various potential treatments. He then works with the patient to define the scope of the treatment. In this meeting, he gives the patient detailed information on how to prepare, as well as on the prospects and risks involved.

In wrinkle treatments using hyaluronic acid, we inject fillers in upper and lower lip wrinkles to smooth them out. To do this, Dr Kiermeir injects the hyaluronic acid under local anaesthetic at precisely defined locations. Using special cannulas, he distributes the fillers in an even, gentle manner in order to achieve a natural-looking result. If the wrinkles extend to the lips themselves, additional lip contouring can also be carried out.

To avoid overcorrection, Dr Kiermeir usually only injects very small quantities of hyaluronic acid in a single session. The course of treatment usually comprises 2–3 separate sessions, each around 15 minutes in length. The treatments are carried out at intervals of several months.

After the wrinkle treatment

Following treatment, the first step is to cool the lip area. Patients can then leave our clinic in Bern straight after the treatment. It’s important to protect the treated areas and touch them as little as possible in the first days after treatment. For the first week, you should avoid exercise, visiting the sauna and solarium or exposing the area to direct sunlight.

Generally speaking, patients are fully presentable straight after the procedure. However, you may experience some slight swelling and bruising immediately afterwards, though this normally recedes within a few days. Beyond that, the patient isn’t restricted in any way and can go about their daily routine as normal.

Frequently asked questions on wrinkle treatment for lips

Can a lip treatment be combined with other wrinkle treatments?

Wrinkle treatments using hyaluronic acid can indeed be combined with other treatments to further enhance the procedure’s success. For example, you might consider autohaemotherapy: this treatment supports the skin’s in-built regenerative function and therefore contributes to an improved overall complexion.

What should I consider before a lip wrinkle treatment?

Before performing the treatment, Dr Kiermeir will hold a personal meeting with you. In this meeting, you should disclose any existing conditions you have or medication you regularly take. This is important, as you may need to stop taking certain medications for several weeks prior to the wrinkle treatment. If you suffer from oral herpes, you should arrange low-dosage prophylactic treatment for herpes before the wrinkle treatment. Beyond this, no specific preparation is required.

What risks are associated with the procedure?

Wrinkle treatments with hyaluronic acid are generally low-risk procedures. As hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body, intolerance reactions don’t usually come into the equation. In the first few days after the procedure, you may notice slight swelling and, in rare cases, bruising – though such symptoms will recede quickly of their own accord.

How often should I undergo treatment?

The results of the wrinkle treatment last for around 6–12 months. After this time, a further wrinkle treatment can be carried out. Precisely how long the effects last differs from one patient to the next; it depends on factors such as the patient’s age and the number of sessions in the treatment course.

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