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Facts about stem-cell therapy

Application areas:rejuvenating the face, décolleté and hands
Treatment duration:approx. 90 minutes
Anaesthesia:local anaesthetic
Follow-up treatment:none

Many people exclusively associate stem-cell therapy with reproductive medicine and cancer treatment. However, there are many other potential applications for autologous stem cells, with intensive research underway in this field.

Autologous fat is the basic building block in natural treatments to regenerate the face and skin and stimulate new hair growth. It contains stem cells that harbour remarkable regenerative potential. 

In the field of aesthetic medicine, we have already developed treatments that tap into the regenerative and rejuvenating properties of stem cells. At our practice in Bern, we use stem cells derived from autologous fat tissues for therapeutic purposes. We follow a simple procedure to isolate and prepare the cells before injecting them into the skin. The result is visibly younger-looking skin, with lasting effects. 

Here in Bern, we use stem-cell therapy as a means of rejuvenating the face, hands and décolleté. Depending on the results you hope to achieve, we inject either autologous fat or stem cells derived from this fat tissue. We might also suggest other treatments or combine stem-cell therapy with liposuction. If you would be interested in such treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to offer you a personal consultation about stem-cell therapy with no obligation to proceed.

FAQs about stem-cell therapy

What is the process for obtaining autologous stem cells?

Here in Bern, we use autologous fat tissue as the basis for our skin treatments with stem cells. We extract this tissue from another part of the body using a fine needle. It is therefore also possible to combine stem-cell treatments with liposuction. 

We isolate the stem cells in the extracted tissue and prepare them for the skin treatment. We then administer the stem-cell treatment immediately after.

Who could benefit from stem-cell therapy?

Stem cell-based treatments are suitable for all patients looking for a gentle means of rejuvenating and regenerating their skin. Just like PRP therapy, stem-cell therapy uses purely autologous substances – that is, substances that occur naturally in the human body. That makes this treatment method suitable for patients who do not wish to use fillers or synthetic materials. It also removes the risk of allergic reactions or intolerances. 

However, this method is not an effective means of counteracting pronounced skin sagging. In such instances, we would be happy to propose more appropriate alternative treatments.

What parts of the body can stem-cell therapy be used to treat?

Here in Bern, we use stem-cell therapy as a means of treating the face, hands and décolleté. This method is suitable for reducing facial lines and wrinkles and generally improving the complexion. As elastic fibres begin to proliferate, your skin will appear visibly younger and firmer.

What does stem-cell therapy involve?

Stem-cell treatments are made up of two steps. Firstly, liposuction is performed to collect autologous fat tissue from another area of the body. Dr Kiermeir then isolates the stem cells in the extracted tissue and prepares them for stem-cell therapy.

In the second step, he uses a fine needle to inject the concentrated stem cells into the skin. The procedure is similar to that used in PRP therapy and only takes around 90 minutes in total. In most cases, around three treatment sessions held several weeks apart are necessary to achieve optimal results.

What are the benefits of stem-cell therapy for your skin?

When administering stem-cell therapy, we do not use any synthetic fillers and only draw on autologous substances to firm up your skin. Once injected, the stem cells actually rejuvenate the face, with the effects continuing deep into the tissue. They deliver sustained, long-lasting skin regeneration. In addition, because the treatment does not involve any synthetic materials, the risk of complications is almost zero.

Are there risks involved in stem-cell therapy?

Stem-cell therapy is a gentle, low-risk procedure. As a patient, the treatment will be almost completely pain-free for you. Apart from some slight initial irritation and swelling, you should not expect any complications. Plus, because stem-cell therapy exclusively uses autologous substances derived from the patient’s own tissue, you do not need to worry about intolerances or allergic reactions. 

In rare cases, the treatment can fail to yield the desired results. If this were to happen, Dr Kiermeir would discuss with you whether a follow-up treatment would be suitable.

How does stem-cell therapy work?

Stem-cell therapy is an innovative skin treatment in which we take advantage of the rejuvenating effect stem cells have on the skin. Stem cells are cells that replace dead or damaged cells in our body. As a result, they deliver intense regenerative and healing effects. 

For skin treatments, we collect stem cells from autologous fat tissue and then carefully inject them into the skin. Once the cells have taken hold in the skin, they can differentiate and become new skin cells. This results in sustained regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. The elastic fibres proliferate in the skin, returning added tone and volume to the skin. 

Who would stem-cell treatment be suitable for?

Treatments using autologous fat and the stem cells they contain is a particularly effective means of rejuvenating the face, treating wrinkles and rectifying volume deficits, imperfections and indentations in the thighs, buttocks, stomach and other parts of the body. This therapy can also be used to visibly rejuvenate the hands and décolleté. The result is younger-looking skin with renewed volume and elasticity. No synthetic substances or fillers are used in this treatment. 

The procedure for administering stem-cell therapy is similar to that used in PRP therapy. In this case, however, the aim is to achieve deeper, longer-lasting results, as it not only stimulates existing stem cells in the treated areas but also injects new stem cells directly into the skin. Small-scale liposuction is required to obtain the stem cells from another part of the body. 

In comparison with lipofilling treatments, in which autologous fat is transferred to a different part of the body, stem-cell treatments do not add volume at the injection site and rarely cause swelling. As a result, this treatment method is particularly well suited to patients looking for a gentle, non-invasive skin-rejuvenation treatment without any fillers. This treatment also leaves your natural facial contours completely unaffected.

At our practice in Bern, we can also use autologous stem cells as a means of combating thinning hair. In this case, the treatment is most effective when applied in areas where there is still some hair growth. 

Overview of stem-cell therapy

Stem-cell therapy is a brief and generally pain-free procedure we perform on an outpatient basis at our practice in Bern. No specific preparation is required on your part. The treatment itself is made up of two steps. In the first step, Dr Kiermeir performs small-scale liposuction at a predefined part of the body to collect the necessary fat tissue. He then isolates the stem cells in a simple procedure. 

Then, once the stem cells have been prepared, Dr Kiermeir injects them into the skin in carefully controlled doses. The injections are administered using fine needles and, thanks to a local anaesthetic, are practically pain-free for you. The injected stem cells need to take hold before they can deliver their regenerative effect. Several sessions held a few weeks apart are usually required to achieve optimal results. You can expect to see the final results after two to three months. 

Facial-rejuvenation treatments can also be combined with facial liposculpture surgery. This is a procedure that reshapes fat pads in the cheek, neck and chin region by using special microcannulas to remove fat tissue. Then, depending on the indication, autologous fat enriched with stem cells can be used to shape the face or rectify imperfections. This significantly rejuvenates and tones the cheek and neck region without creating an unnatural, doll-like facial expression. 

You can leave our practice in Bern immediately after the stem-cell treatment. No specific aftercare is required. All you need to do is protect your skin against exposure to direct sunlight for a period after the treatment. We will provide further aftercare instructions for you when you visit us here in Bern.

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