Reconstructive surgery

The objectives of plastic-reconstructive surgery include correcting scars, restoring noses and ears to their former condition following an accident or illness, and reconstructing women’s breasts following cancer treatment. Today, breast reconstruction has become one of the more important procedures in the field of plastic surgery. New methods are constantly being developed, with pioneering examples including breast reconstruction using tissue from the patient’s abdominal area.

If an inpatient stay is required to perform such a procedure, Dr Kiermeir performs the surgery at the Salem-Spital hospital in Bern so that health insurance providers can bear the costs. However, outpatient procedures can also be performed at our clinic in Spiegel bei Bern. Another focus of our work in the field of reconstructive surgery lies in dermatosurgery. Particularly mention in this regard should be given to our treatments following operations on tumours that have left marks in facial skin.

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